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How to change tha salary method from semi monthly to weekly?reforma372
Ang Unang Sweldista2015-Feb-10LOGIN to Reply|Report
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1. Make sure your payscript has 'Weekly' in its WorkingPeriods parameter.

///WorkingPeriods: Weekly, Semi-monthly, Monthly

2. Create a new paysheet (either blank or next paysheet) based on the paysheet you used in no. 1 with the correct list of WorkingPeriods.

3. While creating the new paysheet, you will be asked if you want to edit the settings. Edit the settings and select your desired working period (Weekly).

Hope this helps.
Ang Unang Sweldista2015-Feb-09LOGIN to Reply|Report
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You should change the formulas in the payscript.
reforma3722015-Feb-06LOGIN to Reply|Report
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How to change tha salary method from semi monthly to weekly?
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