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How to Edit Sample to include Loans and Advances(Posted as a reply to: i want to add columns for deduction -ex.advances)View Parent TopicAng Unang Sweldista
Leilajoy2009-Sep-16LOGIN to Reply|Report
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kung titingnan mu dito sa left side column makikita mo na ang sample ng paysheet at included na dito ang columns ng mga loans & advances.
ecristill2009-Sep-11LOGIN to Reply|Report
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Sweldista, I spent the whole night trying to undestand how to edit a payscript. Can you possibly have a sample paysheet file for this one instead? I mean this one with the loan deductions, this will be a great help to someone like me who can't understand a thing in programming.
Ang Unang Sweldista2009-May-12LOGIN to Reply|Report
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You should edit the payscript by adding the items... example: I added L_SSS and L_PA for SSS loan deductions and Payroll Advances.

L_SSSAdj and L_PAAdj can be used to input the amount of the loan/advance. L_SSSBB and L_PABB will be the beginning balance. If you subtract the deduction (L_SSS/L_PA) then you will get the ending balance L_SSSEB and L_PAEB.

Hope this helps.
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